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Tai and Yemi long to see the Gospel taken to the ends of the earth through music, bringing, healing, deliverance and freedom to people and causing men and women to draw near to God.


In 2013, Tai and Yemi were called to lead the Ageless One Concert (a gathering of worshippers) where these God-given songs are used in praising and worshipping the Lord. The songs have been released through the Ageless One albums, Healing Always Come and others. The Ageless One concert is an annual worship experience that brings people together from different background and denominations, to worship God as one.

One of Taiyemi’s songs (from the album Taiyemi Live in the Ageless One 2014 Concert) got a national recognition in 2015, when the song was selected and showcased at the Hand in Hand conference/Mission Worship in Eastbourne, UK.

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